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T.K. Productions and Tone Distributors – Record World (1975)

T.K. PRODUCTIONS, INC. 495 S.E. 10th Court Hialeah, Fla. 33010 Phone: (305) 888-1685 (Alston, Blue Candle, Cat, Chain, Chimneyville, Contempo, Dash, Drive, Glades, Intl Brothers, T.K. Records) TONE DISTRIBUTORS 495 S.E. 10th Court Hialeah, Fla. 33010 P.O. Box 1447 Hialeah, Fla. 33011 Phone: (305) 888-1685 Henry Stone: President Mario Diaz: Gen. Manager Bob Perry: Sales […]

Bob Marley “Blowing Weed All Over The Diplomat Hotel,” Says Bob Perry

“Bluenote Bob” Perry. To this day one of his favorite memories is having Bob Marley and Skills Cole over to his house during a promotional run for the Uprising album, and playing records together until six in the morning. He also recalls watching Bob Marley perform at The Diplomat Hotel in Miami Beach for a […]