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2 Live Jews Billboard Album Review – Billboard (1990)

2 live jews

2 Live Jews As Kosher As They Wanna Be PRODUCERS: Easy Irving, Moisha MC, Da Big Guy, L.S.D. Kosher Records The surprise isn’t that someone finally got around to making a parody of 2 Live Crew’s “As Nasty As They Wanna Be,” it’s that this record, made by comedian Eric Lambert and performer Joe Stone, […]

2 Live Jews Are In The News, Again !!

  In 1990, a mysterious rap record called As Kosher As They Wanna Be came out on the Kosher Records label from Miami, FL. Riding the wave of the 2 Live Crew’s media popularity, the meta narrative of a parody group making parodies of a group that made parodies made a powerful undercurrent for the […]

Top 10 HOT Productions

After cutting ties with Morris Levy and Sunnyview Records, Henry formed a new manufacturing and distribution powerhouse called HOT Productions. The company had a slew of in-house labels, and the license to press, ship, market and distribute dozens of others. Throughout the CD era, the whole industry saw an explosion of inventory as compilations, re-issues, […]

Joe Stone Talks About The Fire at T.K. Records on Between The Liner Notes

If you’ve ever wanted to know about the fire at the TK Records warehouse, tune in to this episode of Between The Liner Notes! With Joe Stone, the great Henry Stone legacy continues. Major thanks to Matthew Billy, creator of #BetweenTheLinerNotes, for anĀ epic interview podcast with Joe Stone talking about a fire at the TK […]

2 Live Jews – What’s With The Pants Full Video

2 live jews

The 2 Live Jews Put Their Pants On The Ground. The 2 Live Jews are still kickin’ it. The New Single; Answer to the Pants song, titled “What’s With The Pants”. A feisty answer defending the Pants On The Ground trend that the 2 Live Jews, of course, claim to have started. The 2 Live […]