Henry Stone Music

Steve Alaimo Mashed Potatoes



1) Mashed Potatoes, Part 1
2) Ooh, Poo-Pah-Doo
3) She’s My Baby
4) I Like It Like That
5) Peanut Butter
6) You’re So Fine
7) Mashed Potatoes, Part 2
8) Ya-Ya
9) Hully Gully With Me
10) Heart Break
11) Baby What You Want Me To Do
12) I Got A Woman

Steve Alaimo is what I call a “Musical Triple-Threat” man. Yes, this versatile, multi-talented youngster holds his audience whether he’s singing, playing an instrument, or dancing the latest steps. Patrons of Harry’s American Bar in Miami’s famed Eden Roc Hotel never know what to expect when Steve steps on the stage. Sometimes he will spend most of his time alternativing with guitar, harmonica, and organ. Other times he’ll be in a “wailing” groove that builds and builds with each song he sings. On other sets he works out new dance steps with his partners… right in front of his appreciative audience. “Exciting” is the word most used to describe Steve’s antics, whether visual or audio.

In this second album by Steve, he introduces you to “The Mashed Potatoes,” the newest dance sensation to sweep the country. Actually, Steve has been mashin’ those potatoes for almost three years. But, like the Twist, it took the second time around for Mashed Potatoes to gain a national acceptance among both teenagers and adults. At this point it looks as though Mashed Potatoes will be the dance of ’62, just as the Twist was the sensation of ’61.

No on has done more than Steve Alaimo to promote the Mashed Potatoes as a dance. Steve, along with countless others, now have seen their efforts pay off. So… let yourself go! Just set this record on the turntable, flip the switch, (and let the non-dancers step back), and get set to do the Mashed Potatoes!
Original notes by Shelly Keats