Henry Stone Music

Starring Steve Alaimo



1) I Don’t Know
2) Ya-Ya
3) Nobody Loves Me Like You
4) I Don’t Wanna Cry
5) Sammy Dead
6) People Act Funny
7) Everybody Likes To Do The Ska
8) Stand By Me
9) Behold
10) Soon You’ll Be Gone
11) You’re Driving Me Crazy
12) I Won’t Let You Go

The sounds that guide handsome Steve Alaimo might well have been, “He’s heading for a touchdown,” or “Calling Dr. Alaimo,” instead of a rhythmic beat of a drum and the melodious notes of music that have led him to his present success as a popular singer.

Steve is one of those fortunate persons who had a choice of careers. While attending high school in Rochester, New York, he excelled in both sports and music. The former resulted in his acceptance of a football scholarship from the University of Michigan, but before he could head for the Midwest and the gridiron, his own successful musical group diverted his interest from grandstands to bandstands. Still fronting his own combo, he enrolled in the pre-med course at the University of Miami, and thereby qualified himself for a future professional spot as a doctor.

Steve’s musical group, called The Redcoats, followed the leader, and also enrolled at the University. Although Steve concentrated on his classes, it was a foregone conclusion that his moonlighting activities as a musician and entertainer would eventually take over. The Redcoats made numerous local TV and radio appearances and expanded their audience to the point where they were in demand as a local attraction. During this time, Steve’s interest in the blues became his main hobby, and he began to specialize in that musical form, both on guitar and vocally. He visited local Miami clubs and learned professional pointers from artists stuch as Ray Charles, B. B. King, Bobby Blue Bland, and James Brown. Rounding out his musical education, Steve gained a thorough knowledge of recording techniques while attending recording sessions as a visitor. This was the beginning of his own recording career, and his own records, made in the studios where he was once a visitor, gained wide regional acceptance.

Steve’s first national exposure was on Dick Clark’s American Bandstand. He performed as a singer, and The Redcoats backed other artists on the show. It was Dick Clark who gave Steve a boost up the show biz ladder when his consistent programming of the singer’s I Want You To Love Me was in large part responsible for the hit record.

Upon graduation from the University, with honors, Steve turned his talents in one direction – entertainment. He took a job at a local record distribution company in order to learn the basic machinery of the record business, and at night he continued his personal appearances in local clubs. Steve’s reputation as a performer became widely known, and when the twist became a national craze, he brought his group into Harry’s American Bar of the famed Eden Roc Hotel. The group played there for six months, breaking all records.

Subsequently, Steve and his group have traveled throughout the country and gained many fans.

Steve Alaimo still lives in Miami, but his popularity as a singer and entertainer have made him a familiar personality throughout the nation. It’s a good bet that sooner or later you’ll see a club, TV or radio show STARRING STEVE ALAIMO.
Original notes by Rick Ward