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Soul Buffet II with Fusik at Wynwood Yard

Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 9.32.10 AM

Alligator on a plate of vinyl.

That’s Florida Funk, baby.

Just ask Fusik. Over ten years, the band has perfected their syncopated funk delivery system, and Florida Funk isn’t just their record label it’s their way of life.

You can hear it in every groove, on every beat, in every record; and you can hear it live at Wynwood Yard this Friday, June 16th at Soul Buffet 2 brought to you by the good people at Mango Hill Records.

HSM will be there dropping fire from the catalog, and samples from the Henry Stone Archives.

Scone Cash Players are playing a live set of organ soul and boogaloo.

There are gonna be more food trucks next to the bar at Wynwood Yard than you know what to choose from. And Val’s Vinyl will be right there with Terrestrial Funk too.

So if you like music, food, drinks, and chillen outdoors with a few hundred people jamming out, come through, it’s a free party.


Soul Buffet 2. Wynwood Yard. 56 NW 29th St. Miami, FL. Friday. June 16th, 2017. Free.