Henry Stone Music

Soul Buffet 2 at Wynwood Yard Was Awesome, Recap Video


Soul Buffet 2 at Wynwood Yard was awesome. They have top shelf sound and all the bands sounded crystal clear with plenty of bass. Check out this recap video from Mango Hill Records.

The HSM catalog was in full effect with the DJ playing non stop Miami funk, soul, and party music from the Henry Stone Music label. Artists like Little Beaver, Latimore, The Diamonettes, James Brown, George and Gwen, and Beginning of The End got the best reactions. Over three hundred fifty of people came through and had a blast.

Scone Cash Players and Fusik are great on record, and great live, props to them. Jason Joshua from Ketchy Shuby got down with Fusik and ripped a monster version with them of Bobby Byrd “Help Me” that had the breakers breaking, lovers dancing, and the audience on fire.

Next month at Soul Buffet 3, there will be even more music, more food, more dancing, more party people make some noise, more sweat, more whiskey, more barbecue, more, soul, more funk, and more good times ahead. Everybody is invited and it’s always free. Stay tuned.