Henry Stone Music

Ray Charles Rockin’ Records EP



1. St Pete Florida Blues (aka I Found My Baby)
2. Walkin and Talkin
3. Why Did You Go
4. I’m Wondering and Wondering

4 Track EP

At the time I recorded Ray Charles, my warehouse was at 505 West Flagler Street, behind a storefront. I was distributing records in the warehouse, and in the back section I had a little Ampex recording machine with an upright piano.

I met Ray Charles the night before at the Mary Elizabeth Hotel in Overtown, a happening section of Miami in the early 50s. He was performing at the Harlem Square, a nightclub in Miami.

He came into the warehouse the next day with a few of his musician buddies and I recorded them live right in the warehouse. The other guys brought their own instruments and that is where we recorded “St. Pete Florida Blues”, “I’m Wondering and Wondering”, “Walkin’ and Talkin’”, and “Why Did You Go”. All four songs were recorded live in one session that day. The records were released on my label, Rockin’ Records. – Henry Stone