Henry Stone Music

Phil Upchurch – Self Titled – Produced by George Benson



1) Strawberry Letter 23
2) Free
3) Good Times
4) Church Street Station
5) It’s Almost Five
6) Foolin’ Around
7) Cyrenna

Produced by George Benson!
Including these great Jazz musicians!
Phil Upchurch – Lead Guitar
John Tropea – Rhythm Guitar
Will Lee – Bass
Richard Tee – Keyboards
Leon Pendarvis – Keyboards
Steve Gadd – Drums
Jimmy Maelen – Percussion
Kermit Moore – Strings
Tony Posk – Strings
Paul Winter – Strings
Stanley Pollack – Strings
Charles McKracken – Strings
Kathryn Kienke – Strings
Peter Dimtriades – Strings
Frederick Buldrini – Strings
Kenny Koo – Strings
Sandra Billingslea – Strings
Selwart Clarke – Strings
Juliean Barber – Strings
Theodore Israel – Strings
Richard Maimoff – Strings
Alan Rubin – Horns
John Gatchell – Horns
Sam Burtis – Horns
Lewis Del Gatto – Horns
David Taylor – Horns
Louis Marini – Horns
Ronald Cuber – Horns
Larry Fast – Synthesizer
Harvey Mason – Drums
Chuck Rainey – Bass
Jorge Dalto – Piano
Kewu – Percussion
Tony Carpenter – Percussion
Henry Gibson – Percussion
Aaron Jamal – Synthesizer

“Phil Upchurch has been the heart and soul of the guitar which has its roots in the modern midwest (Chicago) and has touched the hearts of many guitar and music lovers all over the world. This album shows the versatility that he possesses which is one of his chief musical assets, along with his melodic and powerful sensitivity. Phil Upchurch has been and will remain one of my most favorite players. He has appeared on many of my own albums and contributed to them as only he can. His fame in the guitar world will emerge to a higher plane after the release of this musical venture.
His Guitar Pickin’ Buddy”