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News Flash – Henry Stone Awarded Final Judgment Vs. Estate of Ray Charles

henry stone vs ray charles

Henry Stone, the legendary godfather of the Miami Sound and early innovator of Disco Music, won his claim in court that he is the owner of four original Ray Charles master recordings that were cut at his Miami studio in 1951. Stone’s claim was challenged by Joe Adams representing the estate of Ray Charles, but the Estate never responded to the legal questions of ownership and the Court awarded Stone the final judgment.

Stone said that back then Ray Charles was just another young musician in need of work. Though he was very good, he had not yet made a name for himself and Stone gave him time in the Studio to make the four recordings, “I Found My Baby”, “Walkin’ and Talkin’”, “Why Did You Go”, and “I’m Wondering and Wondering”. Stone recorded Charles at a time when he was recording soon to be other great artists – including Sam and Dave, Steve Alaimo, James Brown, and many others.

henry stone vs ray charles
Click for full size. Henry Stone vs Ray Charles sreenshot of digital docket of judgment

As was customary in those years for studio musicians, there were no contracts, musicians were paid as work-for-hire, and the record label owned the music recorded. There were no mega music companies and no mega music law firms; deals were man to man between honorable men in the business. The studio musicians were grateful for the work.

The estate was given the opportunity to respond, but never did.

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