Henry Stone Music

More Photographs from the Henry Stone Documentary Fundraiser

Finally, the story of Henry Stone is being told, thanks to Beacon Films. Henry Stone’s story is synonymous with the past 60+ years of music history in Miami. He has been in nearly every aspect of the business, from his Tone Distributors, the largest distributor in the Southeast, to TK Records, the largest independent record label in the country during the 1970s.

Henry Stone was instrumental in the creation of the original Miami Sound, which gave the world the Carribbean beat and kickstarted the entire Disco movement with the first number one Disco crossover hit, which led to the Electronic Music revolution we have today. His business and music savvy transformed the entire music business, all out of a warehouse in Hialeah. But, his story has been largely untold, along with the story of the music from Miami which changed the world.

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