Henry Stone Music

Miami Soul Sisters


Gwen McCrae
1 Your Love Is Worse Than A Cold Love
2 He Don’t Ever Lose His Groove
Betty Wright
3 If You Love Me Like You Say You Love Me
4 Pure Love
Audrey Royal
5 Come On Playboy
6 Surrendering My Love
7 Don’t Be Surprised
8 Rules Are Made To Be Broken
Helene Smith
9 I Tried So Hard To Be Good To You
10 Help Me To Keep What I’ve Got
Kitty Love
11 You Gotta Change
Lynn Williams
12 Tears In My Eyes
Lynn Williams and the Rising Sun
13 You Are The Greatest
Reid, Inc.
14 What Am I Gonna Do
15 I Can’t See Him Again

In the late 60s and early 70s these talented Miami Soul Sisters appeared on Henry Stone’s associated labels, Alston, Dade, Dash, Drive, Glades, Marlin, Cat and many others. Miami Soul Sisters had a unique sound of pure soul and natural born talent due to gospel by way of singing in church. Male groups got more attention because they could stay out late at night under the street lights crooning till the break of dawn. Girl groups were restricted to the supervision of family members; to see or hear them in a club was very rare. Due to the efforts of Henry Stone of TK Records and producers Willie Clarke and Clarence Reid, these young ladies got a chance to be heard on the radio. Now they can be heard from dusk till dawn without restriction on Volume 1 of the funky soulful sounds of Miami Soul Sisters.