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Miami R&B Full Page Ad for Radio Station WMBM (1953)

©MiamiTimes via Miami Dade Library Collection

“Saturday, January 17, 1953. Miami Times. Miami, FL. Page Thirteen. The all new WMBM. 800 on every dial. Now featuring boogie, blues, spirituals, the nation’s top disc jockeys: Jockey Jack, Ed Cook, Mr. and Mrs. Swing, The Bronze Voice, and many others. All new and different programming. WMBM will broadcast the daily feature race from track side at Hialeah. Featuring Fred Capossela and Jay Scott. Also a 5:30 daily trackside resume. If you’re booted…this is it. It’s real gone…it’ll wig ya. Meet some of our other member staff: Chuck Hartwick (Chief Engineer), Lucille Kindfund (Receptionist), Jim Vaughn (Station Manager), Ralph Johnson (Business Manager), Arnold Kaufman (Commercial Mgr.), Lloyd Beckworth (Engineer).”