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L’Trimm “Cars With The Boom” Makes Rolling Stone’s 100 Greatest Hip Hop Songs Of All Time

100 hiphop
100 hiphop
Screenshot from Rolling Stone’s 100 Greatest Hip Hop Songs of All Time

Heavy bass, speaker knock, rearview shake, trunk rattle, these are all components of any true hip hop car audio experience, and fans love it cause it feels good.

And like many great rhythmic forces in music, it came from the Magic City.





And that’s why it’s no surprise that pop-charting duo L’Trimm and their crucial conquest of the charts in “Cars With The Boom” is critically considered one of the greatest of all time.


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The track originally dropped on Time-X Records, a division of HOT Productions founded and presided over by the great Henry Stone.

But the group was found and recorded by Joe Stone, Henry’s son, whose contributions to the Miami Bass, electronic dance, and parody genres have been covered pretty extensively in the media.

As Joe says, “I was sittin’ in the studio over by Bird Road and The Palmetto when these two beautiful teenage girls walk in and say they want to record. I called their mothers immediately, signed them to a recording contract, named them L’Trimm, wrote them a hit, released it locally, got the reaction, and got them on Atlantic Records. The rest is history.”