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Little Pebbles Ruled Live on WLRN for Michael Stock’s Folk And Acoustic Show

K’Lib and Rhyse from Little Pebbles in the WLRN studio

Post apocalyptic blues is taking over the airwaves!

Despite getting into a fight mid-song on live radio K’Lib and Rhyse of Little Pebbles managed to keep their composure and thrill a global audience with their music on Michael Stock’s Folk and Acoustic Show on WLRN Sunday.

The dynamic duo broadcast their magnetic charisma from West Palm Beach to Key West on a booming terrestrial signal, and to radio streamers online worldwide.



Michael Stock was very impressed with the group’s travel stories, tips on attracting sexy ladies, and their origins with Henry Stone Music.


From the moment they arrived at the station to their triumphant hoots and hollers in the parking lot after the show, Little Pebbles took over the airwaves with dark and moody sound.


They even took a moment to trade banjo stories with Jerry Gray from folk maestro Jerry Gray from The Travellers who was there for an interview.


Little Pebbles played from the heart, the soul, the guts, the muscle, and the bones. Their radio waves are probably crashing on the shores of Martian beaches now, making aliens dance and think philosophically about life on Earth.


Little Pebbles are rock stars.


The Henry Stone Music website almost crashed from all the traffic that they generated with their live set. Everybody who heard them tried to visit here at once and the servers almost toppled from the weight of all those new fans.


Rhyse and K’Lib have a great future ahead of them with the label. And Henry Stone was watching from the afterlife and smiling as his label continues to dominate South Florida airwaves.


After the show, Rhyse even autographed a youtube contract for Michael Stock to upload their set to the interwebs.


Obviously his name should be changed to Michael Custom, cause there’s nothing stock about the guy.


Thank you to WLRN and Michael Stock’s Folk and Acoustic Music Show. Henry Stone Music and Little Pebbles will be back sooner than you think.


And then the rock stars tore out of the parking lot with their ladies, burning rubber, screeching tires, doing donuts, and flying off into another hot Miami day.