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Latimore Live in Vienna



1. Take Me To The Mountain Top
2. Something ‘Bout ‘Cha
3. Keep the Home Fires Burnin’
4. Dig a Little Deeper
5. Stormy Monday-Everyday I Have the Blues
6. I Get Lifted
7. City Life
8. My Give Damn Gave Out
9. Around the World
10. Let’s Straighten It Out (Extended)

First Latimore Live Album!

This is Latimore, tearing up ten tracks Live at the Porgy and Bess club in Vienna to a sold-out show put on by the Believers Soul Club in December of 2009. Latimore rocked some classics and belted out a few new tracks for the very appreciative crowd, including his first chart-topping hit Stormy Monday and his latest hot singles, My Give A Damn Gave Out and Around The World. Latimore entertains with a number of alternative and extended versions of these great tracks.

Thirty years in the music business and Latimore has never had a live album, so get this special release right now! Each track has been carefully mastered from the original sound board to ensure maximum sound quality. You can hear every detail of Latimore’s smooth, rich, full vocals, as well as his masterful keyboard technique on both his signature Yamaha Motif and the Grand Piano. You can feel the live energy he radiates from stage and hear the excitement of the crowd. Pick up this CD now and catch it for yourself!