Henry Stone Music

Latimore Back ‘Atcha



1. Edna Mae
2. Ghetto Girl
3. ‘Nanna Puddin’
4. I See Love
5. In The Mist Of Making Love
6. My Give A Damn Gave Out
7. Honeymoon
8. Love Hit Me
9. Wake Up America
10. Miami

Henry Stone, founder and owner of famed TK Records, and Latimore, of “Let’s Straighten It Out” fame, are back together and have created the new LatStone Record Label.

The new label venture came about in mid-2006 while Henry Stone was working on the latest Gwen McCrae album in “Chocolate” Perry’s South Florida recording studio. Coincidentally, Latimore was also working on his newest album project in the same studio.

Stone and Latimore have a rich history together in the music business. Although they had been apart for some years, they have always remained good friends.

On breaks during the recording sessions, Latimore expressed his interest in working with Stone again. They struck a deal to launch the new LatStone Record Label. The first release would be Latimore’s new album BACK ‘ATCHA. This was the first time that Latimore would have full creative control on his work since he had last been with Stone.

Stone and Latimore began their working relationship in the late sixties when keyboard player and singer Latimore was brought to Stone’s attention by Steve Alaimo. Stone arranged a recording session for Latimore and they had quite a few successful records.

In late 1973, they hit pay dirt when they recorded a remake of the old blues classic “Stormy Monday” which was released on Stone’s Glades label. The single charted high on the Billboard R&B charts. After this single, Benny Latimore dropped his first name and forever more went by Latimore.

In September of 1974, Latimore recorded his self-penned “Let’s Straighten It Out” which hit Gold with a #1 single on the Billboard R&B charts, as well as crossing over to the Pop charts.

Latimore’s latest album Back ‘Atcha is a unique blend of soul and blues with a hint of funk and the signature smooth, rich vocal style that lifted Latimore to the top of the Billboard R&B and Pop charts. Latimore employed some of his favorite musicians to work on this album. George “Chocolate” Perry played bass and drums, not to mention that he engineered the entire album. Chocolate is the ultimate professional. He has toured with the Bee Gees, Crosby, Stills & Nash and Joe Walsh.

Next on Latimore’s list was a true blues icon in the south, Mr. Roach Thompson. Roach is not only a musician’s musician, but he too has jumped into the technical side of the business as a mastering engineer and was the man who mastered the new Latimore CD.

Michael Gauthier played some key horn parts for the album, hitting the groove in just the right spots.

Latimore played all other parts on the Back ‘Atcha album. He is very pleased with the results on this production. One highlight that stands out is his decision to use a skill that he perfected on the road, but had yet to use in the studio. On his Yamaha Motif Keyboard he has introduced the sound of a solo guitar, saxophone and trumpet, playing solos that are hard to tell from the real thing. Latimore did this as an artistic decision.

Latimore and Stone have joined forces again and produced another chart-topping album.

“It’s been a joy teaming up with Latimore again to form the new LatStone Record Label with Latimore singing in his great soulful style for the new album Back ’Atcha.” ~ Henry Stone