Henry Stone Music

Latimore All About the Rhythm and the Blues



1) City Life
2) Drown In My Own Tears
3) Around the World
4) Every Day Is A Beautiful Day
5) Obama and the Fat Man
6) Don’t Give Up On Our Love
7) Every Day I Have The Blues
8) Pass the Piano Blues
9) Singing and Playing the Blues
10) Mr. Right Now

Congratulations to Latimore for Winning the Jus’ Blues Music Award
2011 Best Blues & Soul Song Of The Year Male
Latimore – Mr. Right Now

The Boogie Report Southern Soul Top 20: #1
The Blues Critic Top 50 Southern Soul Albums: #1
American Blues Network Chart: #1

“Latimore’s new album titled All About the Rhythm and the Blues is his best work in years,” says the legendary Henry Stone, who was involved from the first note recorded on this album. According to Stone, “Latimore has created a masterpiece.”

Latimore’s always smooth, rich, full vocals and masterful keyboard performances, along with Stone’s unique approach of guidance and top recording industry pros, like George “Chocolate” Perry on bass, percussion, state of the art audio recording and mix engineering skills, as well as true grassroots Blues guitar man, Warren ”Roach” Thompson, perform the soulful Blues grooves with a style and drive that is unstoppable.

The melodies, the riffs and the rhythms, will reach deep down into that place that makes you close your eyes and bob your head. It is that, “Oooh! It sounds so good, I can feel it in my chest,” that puts that easy blues look on your face. You know the one! When you don’t care who is watching or what you’re doing, it just grabs ahold of you and makes you groove!

Please exercise caution when operating a car or heavy equipment. You want to keep your eyes open. And keep a look out for this amazing new album from Latimore, set for release on the LatStone Label, September 18, 2009. Get the CD direct from the www.HenryStoneMusic.com web store. And digital download the album from your favorite online provider. One listen and you will know that it is All About the Rhythm and the Blues.