Henry Stone Music

King Tutt Band Heart of Soul



1) Now You Wanna Let Me Go
2) Intro
3) I Should Have Treated You Right
4) Get Your Groove On
5) Rock The House
6) Hold On
7) Too Late
8) Just My Imagination
9) Mind Reader
10) Rock The House Remix
A Legacy of Entertainment

The King Tutt Band originated deep in the heart and soul of Montgomery, Alabama. For the last five decades, the name King Tutt has symbolized excellence in stage performance, vocal talent and instrumental mastery. With the retirement of William “King” Tutt, Sr. in 1965, William, Jr. was quick to carry on the tradition.

In the following years, the band played as back-up musicians for many top recording stars. Eventually, the band traveled abroad, they traveled to a great many places, Germany, Sweden, France, Italy, and Hawaii, receiving standing ovations after every engagement.

Being able to duplicate the Top 20 R&B, Pop and Rock with accuracy and mix original scoring, as well as innovative new musical tracks gives the King Tutt Band a definite edge in an exciting night of entertainment.

Having released two hit singles, “Keep On Jukin’” and “Dancin’”, the band started touring the United States, from Washington, DC to Los Angeles, CA. Again, the band drew packed houses with standing audiences applauding knock-out performances.

And the legacy continues…

In the year 2008, the band was re-introduced to Henry Stone, the pioneer of the record industry, founder of TK Records. Robert Henderson had a dream that the King Tutt Band would make a comeback. So, he put the dream into reality, and once again the King Tutt Band is entertaining.

The members are Sheffield Walker on lead guitar, Roosevelt Bradley on lead guitar, Malon Waits on bass guitar, Eric Perkins on keyboard and horn arrangements, William “King” Tutt on percussion, Irving “Bo” Galigher as vocalist, Eugene Lacey as vocalist, and A. J. Tutt as background vocalist.