Henry Stone Music

King Sporty and The Roots Rockers “Get On Down”

12 inch disco Classi 70s vol 7

King Sporty, aka Noel Williams, is one of the great heroes of Jamaican music; a pioneer in ska, dub, reggae, funk, soul, Miami bass, and electronic music, and a vital force in shaping the country’s musical identity.

Rising from the streets of Kingston, where he was an early mobile soundsystem DJ, Sporty is also the writer behind the Bob Marley mega-hit “Buffalo Soldier.” They worked on the tune together at TK studios.

Sporty’s biggest contributions will never be forgotten. But his lesser known cuts are just as excellent!

Some of these grooves are available thanks independent music pioneer Henry Stone. King Sporty worked with Stone, and his various record labels, and they made many deals for distribution and even recording.

One of their works is “Get On Down,” which was released by TK Disco in 1979.

Henry Stone had this to say about Sporty:
“Sporty was a Rastafarian who made some records for us on the Konduko label, he had his own little label. He’s been around quite a while. He was married to Betty Wright. He also was involved with Bob Marley, he brought Bob Marley into the studio sometimes, in fact that’s where he wrote “Buffalo Soldier” with Bob Marley. At the time they were doin’ it I thought it was a good idea, but nothin was nothin. Nothin is nothin until it happens. And Sporty, he’s down here still.”

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