Henry Stone Music

Jimmy Bo Horne



1. Hey There Jim
2. I Can’t Speak
3. If We Were Still Together
4. Clean Up Man
5. You’re So Good To Me
6. Rocket In The Pocket
7. Let’s Do It
8. Gimme Some
9. Get Happy
10. Don’t Worry About It
11. Music To Make Love By
12. It’s Your Sweet Love
13. Down The Road Of Love
14. On The Street Corner
15. If You Want My Love
16. Sweet Love Power

Jimmy Bo Horne was born September 28th, 1949 in West Palm Beach, Florida, close enough to Miami to call it home. After schooling at the local Roosevelt High School, Jimmy has been singing since his teens and professionally since his college years at Bethune Cookman. His innovative spirit brought Soul music on to a campus that previously was moved by Gospel music only.

Since his main studies in college were centered around sociology, it is little wonder that Jimmy takes humanity seriously, yet he is equally lighthearted in his style of living and a smile is rarely missing from his face. In truth, that smile has won him many battles, right back to his school days when he decided to take on the task of school joker as opposed to getting involved in the school fights. The comical gait is still with him today.

Anyone fortunate enough to see a Jimmy Bo Horne show will agree that he ranks as one of the greatest entertainers. He is a proficient singer and musician. In 1967, while still at college, Jimmy entered the golden gates of Henry Stone and was assigned to his Alston label.

His first release, “I Can’t Speak,” was penned by Clarence Reid and produced by Steve Alaimo and Brad Shapiro. Actually, the record was released on the Alston sister label, Dade, as was its successor, “Hey There Jim.” A third release was forthcoming in “Love Power,” but Jimmy went into a voluntary recording retirement until 1972 when he returned to the main Alston label with the follow up to betty Wright’s mammoth worldwide smash, “Clean Up Woman.” Jimmy’s was entitled “Clean Up Man” and it allowed him his first taste of success.