Henry Stone Music

Blac Haze – So Much Drama


1. Intro Skit
2. Get Loose – T. Outler; E-Spect; Background vocals by Kola
3. Hustler – T. Outler; Troy Bell & Nigel Knight
4. Smoke Tonite – T. Outler, Bibbcross, & Blizzais; Nigel Knight – Featuring Bibbcross & Blizzais
5. Hoe Skit
6. Maybe It’s Time
T. Outler; E-Spect – Background vocals by Kola
7. Str8tin It Out – B. Latimore & T. Oulter; Troy Bell & Nigel Knight
8. Get Dat Money – T. Outler & Killa-Fo; Ernest “Taz” Dimache – Featuring Killa-Fo
9. D-Low – T. Outler & Killa-Fo; Troy Bell & Nigel Knight
10. The Real Blac Haze Skit
11. Can’t Stand Me – T. Outler & Killa-Fo; E-Spect – Featuring Randogg
12. Tight Work – T. Outler; E-Spect
13. World Full Of Killaz – T. Outler; Ernest “Taz” Dimache
14. Get Date Fete – SPECIAL BONUS TRACK!


The Mystery behind Miami’s own Blac Haze really has people thinking.

Blac Haze was raised on the streets of Miami. His family life as a “shorty” was good. He gained much of his musical inspiration from his father, who was a musician.

As most rappers start off, he rapped everywhere he went in hopes of being heard by the right person. He began recording for different labels, had a semi-hi record, “Let Me Holla At Cha” with a small record company. The record became a local hit.Like a majority if independent labels, they lacked knowledge of the music business. He felt they were restricting his potential.

His next adventure was with Henry Stone at T.K. Entertainment where he recorded this great album, “So Much Drama.” Within a couple of weeks, T.K. had generated such a big buzz in the streets over the album that it put Blac Haze back in the spotlight of the rap scene.