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Jackie Moore Rest In Peace – Miami Soul and Disco Queen of Atlantic, Kayvette, Columbia, and Sunnyview Records


She had a voice as rich and sweet as a river made of love and honey, but with a grit that let you know that she meant business too. You might have heard her on million selling hits from the ’70s. Jackie Moore passed away November 8th, 2019. She was born 1946 in Jacksonville, FL.


Jackie Moore. What a voice. “Precious, Precious,” which she wrote with Dave Crawford for Atlantic Records is as good as anything by Aretha.

She started out on the Shout label in June of 1968, and worked with Wand Records before striking a deal with Jerry Wexler and Ahmet Ertegun at Atlantic. In 1975, she aligned with Henry Stone and Brad Shapiro’s Kayvette Records for back to back soul and dance classics written by the likes of Clarence Reid, and backed by Miami’s funkiest rhythm section.


She ended up going with Columbia a few years later, delivering the inarguable funk of “This Time Baby,” another million seller.

In 1985, she got back with Henry Stone for the electro ballad “Love Is The Answer” on the Sunnyview Records label, working once again with her old pal Dave Crawford.

Several jams from throughout her career have graced billion dollar entertainment franchises like GTA: Vice City and been sampled for songs by Kanye West, Ludacris, and Jay-Z.

Jackie Moore’s music has truly touched the people. Respect and condolences to her family and all those who loved her from Henry Stone Music. May she forever rest in peace secure in the knowledge that her voice made millions of people feel good and her music will live on forever.