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Instrumental Magic II – Behind The Scenes

Jeff Zavac on sax at The Franchise studio in Lemon City, Miami
Jeff Zavac on sax at The Franchise studio in Lemon City, Miami
Jeff Zavac on sax at The Franchise studio in Lemon City, Miami

Jeff Zavac is one of the premier saxophonists in the world of music.

He also happens to be blind, which is how he met Henry Stone. The two guys met through the Miami Lighthouse For The Blind, which is how their 2006 album Instrumental Magic came together.

Instrumental Magic vol.1 features Gwen McCrae and the Craettes and has become a massive independent hit beloved around the world.

And so now, nearly ten years later, it’s time for Instrumental Magic vol. II, and Henry Stone Music’s Joe Stone has taken the reins to lead the project.




Henry Stone would have loved and felt right at home in the funky studio where it’s being recorded. In fact, it’s only a mile away from the third distribution warehouse he chose as his Miami headquarters over half a century ago.




Lead engineer is Aaron Fishbein, who has worked extensively with Billboard chart smashing artists, is owner of The Franchise studio.




On drums is “Young King” David Hill, son of the great Jody Hill from the awesome Deep Fried Funk Band.




Shaka Pace is on the bass. And if you know anything about Miami, we have the best bass players in the world here, and Shaka is one of them.




On keys is the inimitable Jerald Dorsett, a veritable D’Angelo of rhythm, blues, classical, soul, pop, and virtuosic piano skills.




The great music impresario Joe Stone, of Billboard Hot 100 fame, is producing the album which features funky, soulful, and sure to please renditions of a wide array of hits from throughout the ages.




I recently stopped by for one of the album’s recording sessions, and the studio was positively lifted off the ground by the deep vibrations of the music. The atmosphere was heavy with creativity, laughs, good times, and of course the namesake instrumental magic that makes all Henry Stone Music releases into instant classics.




From the epic runs on piano




To the lockstep rhythm of the drums




To the melodic syncopation of the standup bass




The sound on tape is as good as in life itself. Which is amazing.




And the velvet tone of the great saxophone puts Jeff Zavac in a class of his own. If you like music with soul, life, vitality, strength, determination, action, ambition, rhythm, and heart, then Instrumental Magic vol. 2 is sure to fill your moments with positive upliftment.



Stay tuned for updates with all of the latest and greatest news as it happens. Just make sure to stay tuned to Henry Stone Music on all of our channels. Nothing but the best music on Earth, live from Miami since 1948.