Henry Stone Music

Inside The Music Biz at Sweat Records


Back in 2005, Sweat Records opened on a dusty block of NE 2nd Ave. No other record stores were in sight for miles in the barren wasteland of the city street. Suddenly racks of independent records appeared, and the people had music. And it was good.

That’s something like what Henry Stone first experienced when he moved to Miami in 1948. “There were no record stores,” he said, “There was nothin'”

He opened up shop to carry lines from all the indie r&b labels in the country, and over time he built a distribution network that tentacled all over Florida, then the East Coast, then America, and then the world.

Find out all about his amazing life in music and learn how you can do it too Thursday, March 23rd at Sweat Records for Inside The Music Biz (The Stone Cold Truth Book 2).

We’re also showing a HenryStoneFilms short movie called You Never Could Funk Like That about the controversy over the famous “Ring My Bell” record from Henry Stone’s T.K. Disco label in 1979.

Thursday, March 23rd, 2017. Sweat Records 5501 NE 2nd Ave Miami, FL 33137 7-9p.m. sweatrecordsmiami.com