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Herman Kelly & Life – “Who’s The Funky DJ”

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Herman Kelly & Life – Who’s The Funky DJ

From The Album – Percussion Explosion

Written by – Herman Kelly and Tomas Fundora

Year – 1978

This deep cut from the heart of Hialeah Gardens is a total rhythm workout from the classic album Percussion Explosion. The track’s popularity was eclipsed by the group’s “Dance To The Drummer’s Beat,” which became a foundational record in early hip hop in the south Bronx, and a similarly impactful work in the Miami Bass genre. “Dance” has been sampled into over a hundred other tracks, and been manufactured and distributed internationally to great acclaim decade after decade since its first wide release on Henry Stone’s Electric Cat records. However, “Who’s The Funky DJ” is just as good, and if you listen to the video you’ll find out why it came out as an A Side licensed by RCA in Italy. Today, Herman Kelly is still active in the music business and enjoying the continuous rhythms he created reverberating across history.