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Henry Stone’s T.K. Productions Shirts Are Selling Like Hot Cakes



If James Brown was alive today, he’d be rockin’ a T.K. Productions t-shirt right now, and so can you.

These high quality blue tees with white ink are selling faster than buckets of ice in hell. These shirts are selling so fast that Usain Bolt challenged them to a race. These shirts are selling so fast that lightning strikes are getting jealous.

We’d like to give a big shout out to Lauren from  South Florida Music Obsessed blog for being the first customer. After packaging her order, and taking this picture, it was right back to work putting together everybody else’s orders around the world.

We’re getting customers from Germany, and Australia, Kansas, and California. So stay tuned to Henry Stone Music for more hits. It’s starting to feel like 1976 in here. Keep it funky and click here to buy your very own T.K. Productions t-shirt.