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Henry Stone Payola Book an Amazon Best Seller

#2 Soul Book On Kindle image via Amazon.com
#2 Soul Book On Kindle image via Amazon.com

Wow, my first book is a hit! Henry Stone’s “Stone Cold Truth On Payola In The Music Biz” is #2 on The Amazon sales charts for Kindle Books on Soul Music.

I’m really excited to share my stories from a life spent in the record business. Trust me, I’ve got a lot of em’.

That’s why “The Stone Cold Truth” is going to be an e-book series. So you can follow all my great adventures through the decades.

So, thanks for the support, and if you haven’t read the book yet, give it a shot, and leave a review. I’ve got plenty more stories to tell, and they’re coming soon to an e-book near you.


Henry Stone, Independent Record Man

Here’s a link to the book: amazon.com/dp/B00C7FJ8VS

And you don’t need even need a Kindle to read it. Click here to get the book even if you don’t have a Kindle.