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iZotope RX8 Is Amazing, and iZotope RX9 Is On The Way!!

rx-8-std copy


It’s been a busy year for Henry Stone Music. This year, the company’s licensed some real classics from the HSM catalog onto Billboard top 100 charting singles and albums, a Netflix original series, some major video games, and even a big Hollywood studio film or two, just to name a few.

Soul, funk, and R&B from the Magic City are bigger than ever. Just look into the basis of your favorite Tik Tok hits, and you may find Joe “Boogiedown” Stone smiling at you with a new platinum plaque in his hand. He’s the man behind the boards and in the executive offices making it all happen.



And when dealing with the highest level clients in the entertainment industry, it’s always important for deliverables to sound as amazing as when they were first cut, in the room, which was usually a funky little eight track studio over the office of a record distribution company in a warehouse in Hialeah, Florida. Back then, Henry Stone hired the best young songwriters, producers, session musicians, and artists in the city; gave them the keys to the building, and let them do their thing.

The results are all over the Hot 100, Soul, and Rhythmic charts, and those records have been spinning for generations.



When it comes to reviving those vintage masters with the perfect crackle, pop, and warm glow of tape wound through the motorized hum of a Jeep Harned MCI head, it has to be the Ozone suite of iZotope Products for restoring, remixing, and remastering.

The Henry Stone Music company has proudly repped every generation of these excellent studio programs and plugins for over a decade, and we’re going to keep right on rolling with them for as long as they keep making them.


You’ll even hear their stellar results in the soon to be released Dade Records complete set.


The next best news you’ll hear all day is this: Coming Soon: RX 9 & RX Post Production Suite 6.

So from the heart of Henry Stone Music headquarters in sunny Miami, Florida, thanks to iZotope for continually redefining the cutting edge of audio. And we’ll be sure to share the results of what we do with it all around the world again!

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