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Henry Stone E-Book #1 – The Stone Cold Truth on Payola


Book 1 in the Henry Stone Biography E-Book Series

The Stone Cold Truth on Payola In The Music Biz

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Publication Date: April 3, 2013

In the 1970’s, Henry Stone’s TK Productions was theĀ  world’s premiere independent record company. Here is the true story of the money, cars, and drugs that powered its radio promotion as told by Stone himself. The irreverent record mogul also relates his insider knowledge on the “Payola Scandal” of 1959 as only one who has been in the record business since 1946 can. Now 91 years old, Henry Stone is ready to give the world his Stone Cold Truth on Payola in the Music Biz.

In the 1970’s Henry Stone’s TK Productions was one of the largest independent record labels in the world; With 27 Gold plaques, five #1 pop hits on Billboard, hundreds of releases, hundreds of millions in record sales, heavy rotation for his music on r&b and pop radio, and dance floors of the hottest nightclubs in the world playing his hits.

Book highlights include:
– How Henry Stone generated liquid cash to send his team out on the road to pay off the biggest radio DJs in the country.
– The importance of New York City clubs in determining what songs made radio, and thus generate national airplay.
– How the major record labels still use these tactics to this day.
– Drugs.
– The Payola Scandal of 1959 and how New York City DJ Alan Freed ended up in Miami after taking the blame for it.
– Gunfight in the studio.

Henry Stone is excited about this new phase in his career and enjoys telling his stories from over 65 years in the music business. Stone is available for interviews.