Henry Stone Music

Henry Stone Digs Deep Into the Archives For Some Great Disco Grooves!

Now Available!

Henry Stone’s Hidden DISCO Grooves Volume 1 and 2

Each disc features the original 12″ extended version of these DISCO tracks.

Volume 1 Tracklist
1.  Star Cruisin’ (Gregg Diamond)
2.  Letting It Flow (Tamiko Jones)
3.  Love Machine (Tempest Trio)
4.  Nanu Nanu (Daddy Dewdrop)
5.  On Fire Getting Hire (T-Connection)
6.  Plato’s Retreat (Joe Thomas)
7.  At The Top of the Stairs (Wild Honey)
8.  Heavenly (Eli’s Second Coming)

Volume 2 Tracklist
1.  Let’s Love (Foxy)
2.  At The Disco Dance (Wizdom)
3.  Burning Love Breakdown (Peter Brown)
4.  Danger (Gregg Diamond)
5.  Hey Sexy Dancer (Rocky Mizell)
6.  If There’s Love (Amant)
7.  One Love (Celi Bee & Buzzy Bunch)
8.  Beyond the Clouds (Quartz)

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