Henry Stone Music

Henry Stone and Wilson Pickett Ink Deal for Wicked Records – Cash Box (1976)


Henry with Wilson Pickett.

Wilson Pickett joined the Henry Stone organization late last year determined to revitalize his sagging recording career – it’s the only thing about Pickett that is since his in-person schedule is a very busy one from Jacksonville to Japan.

Stone offered Pickett the opportunity to have his very own label Wicked Records and the chance to get back with producer Brad Shapiro with whom he made “Don’t Knock My Love,” one of a string of Pickett gold records. They also went back to Memphis to record and rounded up as many of the musicians
who used to back up the powerful Mr. P in his Atlantic days. Result was a single “The Best Part Of A Man” and an album “Chocolate Mountain.”
According to Pickett, “I wouldn’t sign ever in my life again to any record company as an artist which is why I got my own label.

The first thing I am going to do with Wicked Records is get my own recording career going again.

I think I sort of changed my style with the four albums I made with RCA and now I want to get back into the old me – maybe it’s the real me too.¬†Having Wicked Records means I can do this.¬†Pickett intends to attract other artists to his label but right now his priority is Pickett and getting the recording side in the same kind of busy shape as his personal appearances.