Henry Stone Music

Henry Stone and James Brown Co-Owned Brown Stone Records – Billboard (1972)



Stone’s labels include the following: Alston Records and Dade Records, both distributed by Atlantic; Kingston Records, distributed by Bell; Brownstone, which Stone owns with James Brown: and International Brothers, Dash, Dig, Blue Candle, Glades and Weird World, all disseminated through independent distributors.

A glance at the charts in last week’s issue or Billboard’s Hot 100 lists Betty Wright’s “Clean Up Woman” in position, having been much higher weeks earlier. The Betty Wright disk, which is estimated at having sold over one million was in sixth position on last week’s Billboard’s Soul Singles chart, having been No. 2 the previous week. Also on that week’s soul chart may be found Clarence Reid’s “Good Old Days” on Alston, in 38th position, having moved up from 44: and Bobby Byrd ‘s “Keep on Doin’ What You’re Doing” on Brownstone in the 43rd slot, up from 45.”