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Harry Wayne Casey, Henry Stone, and Steve Alaimo Collect Australian Gold Records

If you never stop digging for gold, eventually you make it to Australia, which is where Harry Wayne Casey, Steve Alaimo, and Henry Stone found themselves in 1976, collecting on certified hits by KC and The Sunshine Band for their self-titled album as well as for George McCrae’s 1974 smash hit “Rock Your Baby.” Due to the population and record buying market’s numbers in comparison to the U.S., 50,000 record sales is more than enough to earn a Gold plaque there. 50k is almost platinum. But if you have a hit in the land down under, people never, ever forget it, not like in the U.S.A. at least. The clip appears in the July 10th, 1976 issue of Record World Magazine, one of the leading trades of the era.