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Freestyle Concert To Fight Cancer: “All The Artists Are Donating Their Time”

Charlie Rodriguez is throwing an amazing freestyle concert to help legendary freestyle producer Saul Alvarez fight cancer!

A simple $15 donation for a stadium lineup in an intimate nightclub venue will be an incredible night of entertainment for a great cause.

Here’s what his longtime friend and concert promoter Charlie Rodriguez has to say about it.

HenryStoneMusic: How did Saul get started in music?

CharlieRodriguez: When I met him he was with the label that  Tolga Katas had with Stevie B, and Linear. You remember Linear “Sending My Love.” And he worked with them and other artists and that’s how I met him back in the 80’s.

Saul Alavarez in the studio with Timmy Thomas – 2013

CharlieRodriguez: We have done hundreds of shows together all over South Florida from nightclubs to large venues.

One thing I’ve learned in this music business is that it is dirty, and out of all the people I’ve ever met he is the most trustworthy and loyal person I have ever worked with before.

I could give him $50,000 cash, while drinking, and get back $50,000 the next day. I know this for a fact.

They don’t come any better than Saul Alvarez, and that’s why I have a sense of responsibility to help him with this concert. He is the type of guy that if he doesn’t have a penny, he will do something to get the money to help you out.  That’s the type of person he is.

He has always been a caring and giving person and has been volunteering at the Holtz Pediatric Hospital for years, donating his time for kids with cancer, bringing them toys, and helping out their recording studio. Every year we take toys over there.

People know Saul as a producer who has worked with Pitbull and a ton of big time artists who he’s done remixes for.

We were in the recording studio doing my daughter’s first song, when he discovered he had cancer, and when he gets better we’re gonna get started with that again.

On top of everything, his parents are sick too and he is trying to take care of them.

That’s why every single artist I called up has volunteered their time to perform free to help Saul out with his medical expenses.

They all know him. Every single freestyle artist knows him, and that’s why they’re all paying it forward and paying it back.

He’s done work for George Lamon, for COmpany B, he was just in the studio recording Company B’s new songs,he’s done so much work with so many different artists, that’s why they feel a sense of responsibility to help him out.

You can also donate to him directly at https://www.gofundme.com/pleasehelpsaul