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Florida’s Famous & Forgotten 2-Book Set


A cross-refenced encyclopedia of over 250 Florida and Florida-related recording artists, groups, as well as famed producers, promoters, studios and dance halls. Fully illustrated throughout with photographs of band members, label covers, and promotional materials.

2 Book Set
Over 1000 total pages of information.

Forward by Henry Stone

Praise for “Florida’s Famous & Forgotten”

Being a native Floridian and a music lover, I found this book to be incredible. I learned so much from reading it. It made me very proud to be a Floridian, knowing so much talent was hatched in this state.
Tedd Webb, co-host AM Tampa Bay Newsradio 970 WFLA, author of “Tedd Webb’s Trivia” and “Butt, Of Course”.

Fabulous! This Florida music encyclopedia captures the entire state’s rich music history from the early ’50s up to the second wave of the ‘Miami Sound’ in the mid-1980s. Virtually no one has been overlooked or forgotten. First encyclopedia I’ve ever seen that actually got my birthplace and date of birth correct!
Steve Alaimo, famous 1950s-’60s teen idol and former host of ABC’s 1960s teen dance show “Where The Action Is” (one of Miami’s greatest entertainers ever!)

Although I recorded only one rock ‘n’ roll single in my entire recording career for Decca Records, I felt very honored to be included in this extraordinary Florida state encyclopedia on Florida rock, soul and dance music. I was emotionally touched at how intricately detailed Kurt Curtis was in preserving my musical career. His encyclopedia is the Bible of the Florida music scene – an incredible feat and accomplishment.
Lenny Dee, world-renowned legendary organ stylist

Kurt, thanks for all your hard work and excellence in documenting the history of music in Florida.
Larry Howard, founding member of Southern rock band GrinderSwitch

Every Florida performer or band that ever landed a major record deal is listed alphabeticaly, from the Allman Brothers to Ray Charles, from Tom Petty to an obscure late-’60s rock band called the Zig Zag Paper Company. Curtis has compiled detailed biographies, full discographies and more facts than the bands might remember.
Dave Scheiber, St Petersburg Times

If there was a patron saint for forgotten Florida musicians, Kurt Curtis would have the honors.
Charles Passy, Palm Beach Post

I think it’s great what you are doing, and I thank you for it. Can’t wait to see this encyclopedia.
Charlie Souza, lead vocalist on the all-time classic “Time”, bass guitarist for Tampa’s legendary Tropics

We checked out your website and love the idea with your book. I think that the ’80s freestyle scene created a strong impact on many people and will continue to be in the hearts of many. Your book is a great source to relive some of those memories and would be a treasure for many music lovers past or present.
Jorge A. Ojeda, freestylemusic.om, Freestyle Force