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Flashback Friday: Henry Stone Recalls The Hit Records of January 15th, 1949

My big interview with Dick Gordon

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Henry Stone’s brain was sharper than a French guillotine. Even at the age of 91, he could go back 65 years in his mind’s eye and recall detailed minutiae from the hit records of January 15th, 1949. During one interview in 2011 I pulled out an ad for a tiny shop called The Record Box that featured the hottest records and I went through the list with Stone to see what he had to say. The results were impressively accurate and historically significant. Take a look at the original document and his transcribed answers. And enjoy this Flashback Friday special!

JakeKatel: I got the list from January 15th, 1949 of the hit records for that week. Can you tell me if you had anything to do with em?

HenryStone: Sure! Fire away.

Billy Eckstine?
Yeah Billy Eckstine on National Records

Ivory Joe Hunter?
Yeah he was on King

Roy Brown?
Yeah, on DeLuxe

A Little Bird Told Me – Paula Watson?
Yeah I distributed that record

Pettin’ and Pokin’?
No that was on Decca, I didnt distribute that

Texas Hop – Peewee Crayton?
Nah he was on Modern Records

Billy Eckstine – My Silent Love?
Yeah he was on National

Begin the Began – Count Red Hastings?
Nah I dont know that record

For You – Lee Richardson?
Yeah, I know that record

Snuff Dippin Momma – Johnny Moore?
That was on Modern Records

Always – The Ravens?
That was on Jubilee Records

Rosetta Tharpe?
That was on Decca, she was a spiritual singer



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