Henry Stone Music

Fermin Goytisolo, Percussionist for KC & The Sunshine Band, Recording for Henry Stone Music



Fermin Goytisolo is a master percussionist. He has been a global ambassador for dance music for four decades, toured around the world, played on millions upon millions of sold records, and remained a cool and humble dude throughout.

Fermin is also the only member of KC & The Sunshine Band to have started with the band in the 1970s and still be touring with the group today.

Today, Henry Stone Music had the honor of welcoming him into the HSM family by inviting him for a recording session for the upcoming Instrumental Magic II album at Franchise Studios.


In th 1970’s Fermin was a session regular at the classic TK studios at 495 SE 10th Ct in Hialeah. His vibrant tropicalismo found its way onto classic cuts by the likes of Jimmy Bo Horne, Betty Wright, George McCrae, and more.


Fermin can make the congas sing like Rihanna, dance like Beyonce, and shake like a Polaroid picture.


His rhythmic prowess is a force to be reckoned with.


His drumming skills are top shelf, top of the line, and hands down some of the best on planet Earth.


Fermin Goytisolo: the man, the myth, the legend; and the newest virtuoso to join the cast of stellar musicians on Henry Stone Music presents Instrumental Magic vol. 2.