Henry Stone Music

Ervin Rouse The Poet Laureate of Miami Dade County


“This ol’ tune was written by a North Carolina boy, name of Ervin Rouse. For a time, Ervin lived in Florida, ran a fish camp and was elected poet laureate of Dade County. Last time I got up with him he was pumpin’ gas in a Billup station in Hialeah. See, they ain’t a helluva lot of incentive bein’ poet laureate in the state of Florida. I guess he’s written four or five hundred first-rate songs, but his best known seems to be about that premier locomotive of the old Seaboard Railway – the “Orange Blossom Special.” Let’s see if we can’t speed this ol’ train up and get her out of Dee-troit ontime. C’mon, train, get through that tunnel.”