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Donna Allen Talks TRAMA, CAT Records, and Legendary Funk (Video)

Donna Allen performing live for new song release – October 30, 2016 – Jake Katel

The legendary Tampa funk band TRAMA recorded one album for CAT Records under Henry Stone’s T.K. Productions in 1977, and then broke up.

The original press of their record is now selling for up to $800.

After TRAMA ended, Donna Allen went on to tour with Gloria Estefan for nine years. She has charted internationally for her dance pop music, been sampled in hits, and landed movie placements. In 2013, she was chosen by team Adam Levine on The Voice.

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Now, check out this recent video of TRAMA’s lead singer Donna Allen talking about her memories of working with Sax Kari, how she became a singer and joined the band, recording for Cat Records, being around Bobby Caldwell, Betty Wright, and KC & The Sunshine Band, recording for Henry Stone’s T.K. Productions, and what she is up to now.

Donna Allen is still writing and recording new music and playing concerts. You can hear and shop forĀ Donna’s latest music, a new single called “Ain’t Comin Back.”