Henry Stone Music

David Hudson I Got What You Want



1. Honey Honey
2. I Have Never Loved A Woman
3. When I’m Lovin’ You
4. Let Me Wrap You In My Love
5. I Must Have Your Love
6. Scratch My Back
7. Ease Up
8. Pump It
9. Unchained Melody (Miami Reggae)
10. Why
11. I Got What You Want
12. You Are My Life
13. Someone Loves You Honey
14. A Sometime Kind Of Thing, Remix by Julio Ferrer
15. With Every Beat Of My Heart
16. She’s Bad As Can Be
17. Someone Loves You Honey (Remix)

Hello, I’m Willie Clarke, songwriter, producer, and recording engineer of the T. K. Production Era. The home of KC and the Sunshine Band “That’s The Way I Like It”, Betty Wright “Clean Up Woman”, Gwen McCrae “Rockin Chair”, George McCrae “Rock Your Baby”, and countless others who are big stars of the unique Miami Sound thanks to the leadership of Henry Stone. It gives me a great deal of pride and pleasure to present one of T.K.’s superstars, David Hudson, one of the most talented artists that I have ever produced.

From the soul and funk of Miami via Atlanta, David was introduced to me by Fred Thomas, a Hialeah police officer. He auditioned with the Jeff Band, which included Tyrone Williams and Julio Ferrer, prominent T.K. studio musicians.

Songwriter Earl King brought me a song entitled “Honey, Honey”. We cut it with David and the Jeff Band and it became one of T.K.’s biggest hits. It was number one on WQBA, the record of the year. Can you imagine: a Cuban radio station? It became a bigger hit on Country radio and super R&B. It was a number one hit in Miami. The Musicians were White, Black, Cuban, etc. That’s Miami Funk!

David Hudson came at a time when the dance era was in decline, so his career was short-circuited. Now he’s back via the Treehouse, a club frequented by real people of Soul, Funk, Pop, Blues, and Jazz. It is a club three minutes from the old T.K. studios. Stars such as Aretha Franklin, Isaac Hayes, Wilson Pickett, and James Brown frequented this indoor/outdoor Soul food restaurant/club. Known not only for its Soul music, but also for its Soul food, they served the best souse, fried fish, fried chicken, and pork chops and this was the place to be if you were in the T.K. neighborhood. This is the house of David when he’s in Miami.

His songs reflect the real people of Miami in soul and funk. This is David’s first full-length album on CD. This newest production has been a hard adventure. It includes T.K. producers and musicians: George “Chocolate” Perry, bass player for Crosby, Stills, and Nash, the Bee Gees, Bobby Caldwell, and others. Ron Bogdon, a bass player out of Boston, also plays on it. Love you Ron.

David is ready for the future. Just dig on these: “Pump It” (Electric), “Unchained Melody” (Miami Reggae), “Let Me Wrap You In My Love” (Country Funk), “Someone Loves You Honey” (Real Soul R&B). David has what you want. Check it out. The soul of Miami, USA. And remember, “Someone Loves You Honey”.

‘Nuff Said!
Willie “Bossdog” Clarke