Henry Stone Music

Clarence Reid on Atco Records in Record World Magazine (1969)



Atco Records is a classic record label for over 6,000 recordings. The label started out as a subsidiary of Atlantic Records. As you can see from the above ad, Clarence Reid, Arthur Conley, and The Bee Gees had releases on Atco. Reid’s “Nobody But You Babe,” produced by Brad Shapiro and Steve Alaimo, was leased up to Atco by Henry Stone for national distribution. Through the Tone company, Henry would be the exclusive Florida distributor for the record, and through his nationwide relationships, he would also trans-ship the release to his cronies in major urban markets like Philly, and Detroit. The full page advertisement featured above appeared in Record World Magazine in 1969. Clarence Reid, the artist also known as Blowfly, also wrote certified gold records for artists like Gwen McCrae, and is one of the most influential progenitors of the world famous “Miami Sound” established by Henry Stone, his litany of record labels, distribution network, and the team of artists, producers, and engineers he brought in-house to make it all happen.