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#FromTheArchives Butterball’s World Famous Barbecues

Who remembers Butterball’s world famous barbecues out back of Tone Distributors? For those of you who don’t remember, you might be asking, how can a back lot barbecue be famous? Oh yes, indeed they were! When visiting Miami, artists and record people from all over the world would stop by the Tone offices just for […]

#FromTheArchives: Farrah Fawcett on TK Records

From The Archives Did you know that Farrah Fawcett had a release distributed from right here in Hialeah!? Distributed by TK Records/ Another piece of Miami Music history on its way to HistoryMiami.

#FromTheArchives A normal day at the TK Records office

This is where a lot of the action happened! Just a normal day at the TK Records offices. Makin’ hits. Hanging out with (left to right) Betty Wright; H.W. Casey (that’s KC and the Sunshine Band); our Italy sales rep; Willie Clarke sitting on my lap (why?); myself – Henry Stone on the phone, as […]

#FromTheArchives: Henry Stone at Caesars Palace

From The Archives Here is something from quite a ways back! This is before the TK Records days, when Henry Stone was rocking the distribution world with Tone Distributors. Here he is with Dave Benjamin and Milt Oceans at Caesars Palace in the early 1960s for a Warner Brothers Music convention. Back in the day, […]

#FromTheArchives – Henry Stone with Diana Ross

From the archives: Henry Stone and Diana Ross at the Fontainebleau #FromTheArchives – Here is Henry Stone with Diana Ross around 1971. This is her first solo appearance at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach after she left the Diana Ross & The Supremes. The lady on Henry’s right (our left) is the beautiful Inez, his wife. […]

#FromTheArchives Wall of Gold

Hanging on the wall in the office are just a few of the dozens of gold and platinum records that Henry Stone’s labels earned over the years. His impact on the music business has been deep and profound and long-lasting. For a nice overview of some of the tracks that came out of my labels […]

From the Archives: Henry Stone Top Hat Photo

From the Archives: Henry Stone looking dapper in top hat and cape at the Motown Convention in San Francisco, c. 1958. Barry Gordy set up the photo shoot and picked the characters for all the major distributors.