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Birdwatchers – Florida Garage Band



1. A Little Bit Of Lovin’
2. Come Home Baby
3. Cry A Little Bit
4. Eddie’s Tune
5. Girl I Got News For You
6. I Have No Worried Mind
7. I’m Gonna Do It To You
8. I’m Gonna Love You Anyway
9. It Doesn’t Matter
10. It’s A Long Way Home
11. Mary Mary
12. Mr. Skin
13. Put A Little Sunshine In My Day
14. Then You Say Bah Bah
15. Turn Around Girl
16. You Got It

First full-length digital release ever!
In early 1966, the Birdwatchers began to gain their reputation as Miami’s state-of-the-art local band. The early incarnations of the group were Bobby Puccetti (keyboards), Eddie Martinez (drums), Joey Murcia (guitarist, songwriter), Sammy Hall (vocalist), and Jerry Schils (bass guitar player).

The Birdwatchers had numerous hit records in the Florida area, including “Girl I Got News For You,” which reached number one on WFUN radio and number four on WQAM, two top radio stations in the Miami area. Also receiving much attention was the follow up, “I’m Gonna Love You Anyway.” This song peaked locally at #2. The next three releases, “I’m Gonna Do It To You,” “Mary, Mary” and “Turn Around Girl” all received heavy local airplay.

These 16 tracks were originally released as 45 singles and are now available in one collection on CD!