Henry Stone Music

Becen & The Shells Florida Fantasy



1) Disco Fever
2) You Do Me Good
3) Gotta Have The Funk Funk
4) Precious Little Baby
5) Girls
6) The Thange
7) Surrender Your Love
8) The Rest Of Your Life
9) Florida Fantasy


Becen Padron met Henry Stone in the summer of 1970 and was signed to Stone’s label shortly thereafter. Becen’s group appeared as one of the opening acts at the James Brown concert in the summer of 1970 at the Miami Jai Alai Fronton. Becen was thrilled to have a personal introduction by Stone to James Brown, who is one of Becen’s all-time musical heroes.

Becen toured from 1970 to 1975, performing with artists such as: Black Sabbath with Ozzie Osbourne, Phil Collins, Ted Nugent, Little Beaver, Billy Preston and Badfinger (of the Beatles fame), Iron Butterfly, The Allman Brothers, Genesis, Buddy Miles (of Jimi Hendrix fame), Peter Frampton, The Bee Gees, Ike and Tina Turner, Alan King, The Eagles, Average White Band, Jaco Pastorious (the world’s greatest bass player), Graham Nash (of Crosby, Stills and Nash fame), Freddie King, and Chaka Khan.

Upon his return to Miami in the summer of 1975, Becen presented a fresh project to Henry Stone. At this point in time, Stone was dominating the music scene with the Miami sound and the up and coming Disco revolution. It was Stone’s impetuous appetite for new music and sounds that encouraged the work on Becens’s album. After the album was complete and mixed, Stone decided that the sound was a little ahead of its time and should wait a while before releasing the album.

The completed album was shelved and over time it seemed to have fallen through the cracks until Stone rediscovered the album thirty-two years later, came to the rescue and decided to release the album in its original form.