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April RaQuel and Kouture Funk at Ocean’s Ten on South Beach (In Pictures)



April RaQuel and her Kouture Funk band know how to rock a party on South Beach with a groove that goes on forever.

Everyone from Russian billionaires, to HBO celebrities, to famous musicians have enjoyed the show, which can be heard by anyone passing within 100 yards of the venue’s luscious outdoor terrace.

There’s never a dull moment in the band’s three sets every Monday night at Ocean’s Ten on Ocean Drive in the heart of South Beach. Henry Stone always talked about the importance of being in the streets, with the people, where everything happens. Here’s what’s poppin’ on South Beach.



Check out the Henry Stone Music interview with April RaQuel for more about her music, influences, and upcoming tunes.


Ocean’s Ten is located in the heart of South Beach on 10th street and Ocean Drive, next door to the Clevelander.


Musical arrangement by Todrick Hunter


The group performs three sets between 9 and midnight, and every time they start their set, the area in front of the stage begins to fill with people from all over the world.


As the music rings out, the outdoor terrace fills the tables and chairs with butts in the seats.


You can actually see the stage from way outside the venue, and hear it even farther.


As pedestrians, cars, scooters, and exotic foreign automobiles cruise the strip, April Raquel and Kouture Funk’s music booms.


The band plays its own original music like “Nobody Does It Better Than Me,” and “Dat Fire” as well as party sounds from across the ages that range from covers of Stevie Wonder’s “Higher Ground” to Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk,” The Weeknd’s “I Can’t Feel My Face,” and Beyonce’s “Crazy Love” too.

aprilraquelkfunk_southbeach_dec2015_056 aprilraquelkfunk_southbeach_dec2015_059 aprilraquelkfunk_southbeach_dec2015_062 aprilraquelkfunk_southbeach_dec2015_063

The bar offers a lively atmosphere full of locals and tourists partying together and having fun.


In a city that’s a historic capital of DJ culture, it’s a great surprise to many people that pure live instrumentation and vocal artistry of awesome caliber are also native to the sonic landscape of Miami and Miami Beach.

aprilraquelkfunk_southbeach_dec2015_069 aprilraquelkfunk_southbeach_dec2015_076 aprilraquelkfunk_southbeach_dec2015_072


There are guitar, keyboard, drum, bass, and vocal solos, as well as superclean dance choregraphy

aprilraquelkfunk_southbeach_dec2015_090 aprilraquelkfunk_southbeach_dec2015_089

And beautiful women always there to soak up the vibe and dance their ass off


The drummer plays behind a professional studio sound baffle system so you can’t see her too well, but she rocks!

aprilraquelkfunk_southbeach_dec2015_099 aprilraquelkfunk_southbeach_dec2015_096

So the show is very entertaining and powerful


The whole band has great on stage chemistry and are able to pivot on a moment’s notice to improvise and have fun with the music.

aprilraquelkfunk_southbeach_dec2015_105 aprilraquelkfunk_southbeach_dec2015_106

Their show is polished but never forced


And April Raquel leads the audience easily and vivaciously

aprilraquelkfunk_southbeach_dec2015_112 aprilraquelkfunk_southbeach_dec2015_113

Kouture Funk set the dance floor blazing for an ecstatic crowd of all ages.

aprilraquelkfunk_southbeach_dec2015_117 aprilraquelkfunk_southbeach_dec2015_130 aprilraquelkfunk_southbeach_dec2015_126

The band seems to revel in the audience energy in response to the pounding rhythms, harmonious melodies, and visual artistry

aprilraquelkfunk_southbeach_dec2015_122 aprilraquelkfunk_southbeach_dec2015_121

Smiles, laughs, and good times abound during the band’s set.


People throw up their hands in exultation and spin each other around like whirling tops

aprilraquelkfunk_southbeach_dec2015_140 aprilraquelkfunk_southbeach_dec2015_136 aprilraquelkfunk_southbeach_dec2015_135

And everybody with a pulse is on the dance floor letting loose and having funaprilraquelkfunk_southbeach_dec2015_142

Because up on stage, the performers are having fun too


They work hard like James Brown and The JB’s

And dance the night away

aprilraquelkfunk_southbeach_dec2015_158 aprilraquelkfunk_southbeach_dec2015_155

aprilraquelkfunk_southbeach_dec2015_168 aprilraquelkfunk_southbeach_dec2015_167


Natasha from Nadashi Marketing loves the band’s music, dancing, and crowd interaction.
aprilraquelkfunk_southbeach_dec2015_180 aprilraquelkfunk_southbeach_dec2015_178

April Raquel and Kouture Funk are full of energy and enthusiasm that wash over crowds like the ocean on a Sunday.


Catch the band in three sets live at Ocean’s Ten every Monday night from 9p.m. till midnight.


If you like good music, you’ll have a great time.
aprilraquelkfunk_southbeach_dec2015_241 aprilraquelkfunk_southbeach_dec2015_253

Before you realize what happened, it’ll be the next day already, but thanks to all the good times, you’ll look forward to it as much as your next chance to see the band live.

aprilraquelkfunk_southbeach_dec2015_252 aprilraquelkfunk_southbeach_dec2015_250
All ages welcome!