Henry Stone Music

Aaron Fishbein, Famous Studio Pro, Records Guitars for Instrumental Magic Volume 2



Aaron Fishbein of Franchise Studios has recorded guitars for Quincy Jones, DMX, Beyoncé, Enrique Iglesias, Chris Brown, Sly and Robbie, Christina Aguilera, Trick Daddy, Ludacris, Biggie Smalls, and Brandy to name a few.

He is regarded as one of the best tone masters in Miami, New York, and Los Angeles, and he has the gold and platinum plaques hanging up on the wall of his studio to prove it.

Fishbein is also engineering and laying tracks down for the new Henry Stone Music album Instrumental Magic vol. 2.


In a recent session, Aaron combined his natural love of the 6 string with the upbeat funk, heartfelt balladry, smooth r&b, and intercontinental hits covered on the album by fellow artists Fermin Goytisolo, Jerald Dorsett, Jeff Zavac, Shaka Pace, and David Hill.


Aaron’s Lemon City studio, called “The Franchise,” offers classic style recording capabilities for big room live instrumentation by full bands.


He is well known in the Miami music scene by artists, producers, advertising agencies, record label executives, and independent heroes alike.


Fishbein spent years on a team with Scott Storch, burning up the pop charts with hit after hit after hit. His guitar styles have been heard by millions of listeners around the world on the radio, CD’s, and of course digital music. Look out for Aaron Fishbein’s amazing guitar work and studio science on Instrumental Magic Volume 2!